Longevity’s Moon Landing: could we live forever?

Living beyond 150 or even 200 seems ludicrous. Almost as impossible as a moon landing would have seemed in the year 1900 before the Wright brothers took to the skies. By investigating exciting breakthrough's in our understanding of epigenetics and other technologies, I explore why the potential for radical life extension may not be as ridiculous as you think.

The power of psychedelics?

After decades in silence after the counterculture movement of the 1960s, psychedelics are a hot topic again. With exciting research backing clinical use of psychedelics for treatment of a range of mental disorders, are these hallucinogenics as powerful as enthusiasts claim?

Will Africa rise?

Africa is not a single homogenous territory - it has over 50 unique countries, each with their own unique trials and tribulations. However, it is still interesting to explore their somewhat common history as well as the trends, challenges and potential strategies that may shape the region over the coming decades.

Is big tech too big?

Are a few dominant technology companies really taking increasing control of our lives? Are the ‘big tech’ companies really as problematic as the media and our friends suggest? Do we need entirely new frameworks for regulating these giants? If so, what would the frameworks look like?